3 Gang

Varilight Standard Dimmer Switches have an industry-wide reputation for exceptional performance, long life & innovation, at attractive prices, starting at £4.99.  

Dimmer Switches are available in a variety of formats, ie,1 Gang (Single), 2 Gang (Double), 3 Gang (Triple), 4 Gang (Quadruple), plus 1 Way & 2 Way. 

The range is available in many colours, including White, Iridium BlackChromeMochaGraphite, Brass. Wattages available are0-120, 250w, 300w400w500w600w630w, 1000w and 1500w. Models include Push On/Off and Rotary Switches. We are also pleased to announce the release of the new Varilight V-Plus Series and V-Pro Series, which comes with powerful new features including the ability to dim LED bulbs.

Our Standard Dimmer Switches, also known as Rotary Dimmers, Twist Dimmers and Intelligent Dimmers, can be used for Mains Incandescent GLS Lamps (Standard Mains Light Bulbs). Varilight Dimmer Switches can also dim GU10 or similar Hi Spot Mains Halogen Lamps. Each Dimmer Switch specifies its maximum load, so simply match it to your needs. By using Standard Dimmer Switches, there is a zero risk of damage in case of lamp failure and a dramatically improved lamp life.  All products in this category are Low Voltage Dimmer Switches / Low Load Dimmer Switches, ie, they will work with Low Voltage or Mains Voltage Dimming Systems.

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